Caseificio De Juliis

Producing traditional cheese has always been our job.
The quality of our product is appreciated everywhwere, something that fills our family with pride.
Our product range includes many types of top-quality cheese, always from the best milk the Roman "Campagna" can provide.
In various quantities we produce Pecorino (seasoned in natural caves), Cacio Fiore della Campagna Romana (Slow Food Presidium), realized with vegetable rennet, Pressato a mano di Columella, produced from fresh sheep's milk; Caseus Romae, Fresh or Seasoned Caciotta, Fresh or Seasoned Ricotta, Mozzapecora (a sheep milk mozzarella cheese), Giuncata, Spicy cheese with Chilli and Spicy cheese with Pepper (Pepper from Malaysia - Slow Food Presidium), made from pasteurized milk.
The Cacio Fiore della Campagna Romana is a SLOW FOOD Presidium and it is a Typical Denomination Product (DT).
The different properties of the grass over the year, determine the taste and the quantity of our products, our production process being traditional throughout. . Only fresh natural and unadulterated materials are used: sheep's milk, genuine rennet, thistle flowers, latic fermentation and salt.
The entire production is controlled in according to the italian and European laws concerning milk by-products and is inspected following the HACCP system.
We have received attestation from the European Community (n I 12/048 CEE) and we hold licences regarding transport, processing, stockage, seasoning and sale of our products.